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    Premier Physical Therapy takes great pride in providing all of our patients with exceptional one on care by our Doctors of Physical Therapy. This time is set aside for you and only you. To guarantee or patients the opportunity to be seen in timely manner and to be fair to all patients in scheduling, we require 48 hours working business day notice to cancel a scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel within 48 hours of your schedules appointment time, a $45 cancellation fee will be changed to your account. This cannot be billed to insurance. Please consider that the quality of your care and the amount of improvement you will make depends greatly on your consistency with the appointments you make. (Initial)

    By not giving this proper notice, Premier Physical Therapy has my advanced permission to charge my credit card on file any fees associated with missed of cancelled appointment not cancelled within 48 hours notice agreement. If not credit card is on file, I agree to pay this fee at my next scheduled visit or Premier Physical Therapy may bill me any missed visits. I also understand all outstanding missed/no show feed must be paid in-full before any new appointment can be made.
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    For and in consideration of the medical treatment, which I many receive while a patient of Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance (here after Premier), I either severally or collectively consent to treatment, voluntarily and knowingly, by me if of age and competent of for me, if a minor or incompetent, by my parents, guardian or nearest relative, as the case may be, to the said members of Premier separately or collectively, to carry out, or cause to be carried out such medical treatment, as prescribed or ordered by my physician.


    Ihereby authorize Premier, or any holder of medical information about me to release to the Health Care Funding Administration and its agents (Medicare) or Insurance Companies or Third Parties, any information need to determine these benefits or the benefits payable for related services. I request that authorized Medicare or Insurance payments be made to Premier (to be used only if necessary to file claims.)


    Ido hereby waive Premier and all employees, and the owner of any responsibility from any injury due to the use of equipment/machinery or any other accident occurring within the facility. I hereby agree to accept responsibility for any and all risks of injury.


    By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the HIPPA Privacy Act “Notice of Information Practices,” and understand my rights as a patient regarding my personal health information.


    Medicare: Upon receipt of payment and/or denial form Medicare, your secondary insurance will be billed as a courtesy, one time only per date of treatment. If there is a remaining balance after all insurance companies have been billed you will be responsible for this balance which will be provided for you in the form of a statement. Commercial/Group: Before your initial evaluation our office will verify your benefits. You will be expected to pay your co-pay or coinsurance at the beginning of each vis


    I understand that I am ultimately responsible for payment of any and all charges for medical services rendered by Premier and if this assignment is rejected, modified or not paid within a reasonable time after it has been filed, it will be my responsibility to pay any unpaid charges in full. If it is necessary to collect unpaid fees for services rendered, I agree to pay the charge assessed by the collection service, legal counselor court. I may revoke this authorization and assignment at any time by written notice. I agree that a copy of this form may be used in lieu of the original.
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